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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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another air traffic controller asleep on the job? we will tell you where. live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. we are just a couple of days away from a potential government shutdown. new at 6:00, the president is taking new action to prevent that from happening. >> the president will meet with house speaker and senate majority leader late-night. let's go live to capitol hill for the latest on the shutdown showdown. >> we are hearing the vice- president will be involved with that meeting as well which will happen after president obama returns to washington later tonight. that meeting happening just hours after we learned something we thought was off the table yesterday. >> with time running short and negotiations continuing to avoid a shutdown, the speaker of the house shifted gears this afternoon, saying the house is ready to move forward with another short-term extension.
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>> we are going to be prepared to move forward with our funding bill that would fund the troops and keep the government open another week. and cut $12 billion in spending. >> just yesterday, president obama said he opposed that measure. on the hill, it seems the only clear source of agreement is each side blaming the other. >> the speaker has a choice to make and not much time to make it. he can do with the tea party wants to what the country needs. >> of liberals in the senate would rather play political games and force the government shut down, instead of accepting a modest down payment on fiscal discipline and reform, i say shut down. >> i remember when i was governor, we had a two to one of republican legislature. we still got things done. if a government shutdown, there is blame enough to go around for everyone. >> republicans want $61 billion
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in spending cuts and democrats are pushing $33 billion. gop policy riders targeting groups like planned parenthood and the epa. >> we need to make sure we pay our bills and the government stays open. >> if there is a shutdown, it's more like a slowdown. your mail will still come, air- traffic controllers will still be on the job and the border patrol will still be on the border. but some 800,000 government workers will be furloughed until there is a budget again. >> thank you. as negotiations continue, tens of thousands of federal workers wonder if they're going to get paid should a government shutdown -- government shut down occur. one lawmaker says the answer is most likely know. let's go live to northwest washington for more. >> that lawmakers says it is
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looking highly unlikely federal workers will ever see any money for time lost during the shutdown, making workers already very nervous now very much on edge. this maintenance crew was hard work today working but worried. >> it is nerve wracking, especially since we have no idea how long we will be off or when we will get paid again. >> one virginia congressman says he's concerned that not only would federal workers face almost certain furloughs' but they will not get reimbursed when they return for their time off the job. during the shutdown in 1995 and 1996 federal workers receive retroactive pay. the congressman says it's not fair for congress to do this to workers while congress and the president continue to get paychecks. >> if we're going to put 800,000 federal employes out on the
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street and our own staff without pay, we should be out there with them without pay as well. >> what can you do about it? >> workers we talked with like this woman who works for the department justice, say they will feel the pain of a shutdown. >> is a going to hurt you? >> definitely, but i've survived before. >> if there's nothing to be paid for, it's unfortunate but i'm [unintelligible] >> the congressman is holding a town hall meeting tomorrow night in alexandria for federal workers who want to get information in the event of a shutdown. you can get more information on that event on our web site [unintelligible] -- on our website >> besides worker pay the government shut down would have a visible impact in our area. the museum is on the national
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mall the nationals it would be forced to cut down -- the forced to close during peak tourist times. there's no word on whether tax refunds would be impacted. a government shutdown has ever happened during tax season. trash pickup in d.c., collection will be stopped for one week. as far as the cherry blossom parade, we just learned of the government is shut down, the office of management and budget declares the parade non- essential and subject to cancellation. officials say they are appealing any decision that would cancel the parade. the federal aviation administration revealed today it found another incident of an air-traffic controller falling asleep on the job. they said it happened at maggie tyson airport in tennessee on february 19th. the controller was intentionally asleep during his midnight slip -- midnight shift and the agency plans to fire him. all planes during that shift
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landed safely, but this is the second incident and that there -- second incident of an air- traffic controller falling asleep recently. in libya, new efforts to end the crisis there. a former republican congressman arrived in tripoli earlier to hold talks with muammar gaddafi. he was invited by the libyan leader. meanwhile, he has reportedly also reached out to president obama. in a letter, he asked the president to end the bombing campaign against his country. a disturbing discovery in fairfax county -- a home in herndon was condemned after police found 30 dead cats inside. an investigation began after an will control officers saw a dead cat in the window. neighbors said the house had began to smell as well. the homeowner, an unidentified 50-real woman is cooperating with police and no charges have been filed in the case. metro riders will have a
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straight shot to dulles international airport. the airport authority approved an underground station at the airport. the board had considered an above-ground station for the metro that would have been $640 million cheaper. but the board says an underground stock would be closer to the airport and more convenient for travelers. >> i think it is awesome. it was the right move. a long-term thought process instead of short-term money crunching. >> i think it is an incentive to come all the way out and i would definitely use it because i live in d.c.. >> the line would run from fairfax to loudon county and had six stations, five parking garages. the project is expected to be completed in 2017. washington d.c. has the lowest unemployment rate of big cities in the nation. february of 2010, the rate was 6.8%. more than 300 metro areas that
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had their jobless rate dropped. that's the most since the recession ended in june of 2009. still to come, bonus controversy after days of headlines -- top executives with transocean giving up the bonuses they receive in the wake of the gulf oil spill disaster. where is the money going? it will be harder for some employers to conduct checks on credit histories of potential employees. we will tell you where. soon you will have access to millions of records from the civil war. we'll tell you how you can get out then -- how you can get at them. a delightful day with a lot of sunshine and a bit of greece.
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after a great deal of negative publicity say, it was announced that transocean would donate their bonuses to the families of workers killed in the explosion last year in the gulf of mexico. transocean owns the deepwater horizon oil rig that exploded last april. it led to one of the nation's worst environmental disasters. transocean recently declared 2010 its best year in safety. they're doing to under $50,000 in bonuses to the memorial fund. maryland employers will be
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limited when checking a job applicant credit history because of a recently passed a bill in the general assembly requiring employers to have a bonafide job-related reason to request a potential employees credit report. the governor is expected to sign the bill into law. still to come, -- access to history. he will be able to find rare civil war record online. hope you enjoyed the last nice day because we will be back with your forecast. a gorgeous day in augusta as they gear up for the first major. the caps will play a home game in the booth. we'll have a live report.
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which started 150 years ago next week was fought right here in our area. records you always had to go to the national archives to see have been digitized. starting tomorrow, you can see them online. the civil war pit north against south and brother against brother. now millions of records of those who fought are going on line for the first time detailing imprisonment and more. learned his grandfather fought for the confederacy. >> you can do think of these things as dry and dusty but they are living things that make my life unique. >> this release includes the names of 3 million red -- 3 million men who registered for the draft. including future president grover cleveland. there's also a virtual cemetery
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online. >> we've got not to 33 battlefield cemeteries and digitally photographed headstones. you can actually typed in a name and look at the head stone of a fallen ancestors. >> for one person, finding out her grandfather was a slave to for thought for the union was life changing. >> it meant everything to me. it meant empowerment and legacy and that meant there was more behind me and just my grandpa. >> the goal is to make history come alive for millions of other americans as well. >> for the next week, you can view the records for free. after that, there is a subscription fee. for more information check out our website. >> pretty exciting. what a beautiful day. >> can i give you one day? we take one day at a tight
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especially when we get into april. we started out with 36 this morning. our average high as 72 degrees. one year ago 90 degrees on this day. it started out as a chilly morning, but that strong april sunshine going to work, that made a difference. weather systems are moving along. there was a little area of low pressure moving to the north. believe there not, while we had a delightful day here today look at the income. it is snowing there. -- look at binghamton. it is snowing there. as we go to the next 24 hours that will stay to the north. some high clouds but for the most part, clear skies overnight tonight. we will see more high clouds
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coming in but as we get into tomorrow night and friday, a northeasterly wind comes in. then they shot of moisture so by friday, it will be a cold, wet rainy day. but not tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow into the sixties once again. look at the high temperature for friday -- i'm afraid only in the low 50s and maybe even into the 40's by friday evening. for the most part, clear to partly cloudy skies. it will be a cool morning with temperatures into the 40's. but once again our temperatures will rise rapidly into the '60s to near 70 degrees. another fine day tomorrow with clouds coming in. there is the big change as temperatures will only be into the 50s. some of that cool drizzle lingering into the first part of the weekend on saturday. late sunday, back into the warm
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air. enjoy tomorrow and have a good friday. the toyota sports desk -- brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the caps are at home and this is the big one as the regular season starts to come to an end. they play their final home regular-season tonight in the home with and it's a game with consequences. they're trying to grab the top seed in the playoffs. they will be rocking with the other southeast title already in hand. they can focus on the eastern conference. >> it is fourth time is the charm trade sec caps cling -- caps clinched the division and did so with an ailing defense. dennis is still in hospital and mike will be out against florida. the panthers are out of the playoffs but have several young guys competing for positions for
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next season. matt bradley told me they cannot be underestimated. >> there are no easy teams anymore and they are no exception. there are a lot of guys playing for jobs next year. i think they want to finish their year of well and we are not ready, we will get caught. >> you can watch the game tonight at 7:00 on our sister station, news channel 8. today, the "washington post" is reporting that as will likely miss the first round of the playoffs. some more injuries but they can shored up hopefully tonight. >> it is going to be exciting to read the nationals play the marlins in florida. they gave one away last night. the game into extra innings. coming out of nowhere and just misplays the ball.
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a few minutes later, bases loaded -- donnie murphy facing john burnett and here we go -- driving the ball to left center field, game, set, match. marlon's when it and the nationals are 1-3 on the season. in augusta, gearing up for the masters. but before the pressure builds for the first round tomorrow, the players enjoyed the weather and camaraderie. it's a tradition where the players bring along their sons or daughters the matter the age and golfing skills. it's a gathering of royalty was past champions and a future stars walking through the georgia pines of augusta. our play of the day comes from the soccer -- in milano. a diving clearance but he never hit the ground. volleying it into the back of the net. look at that again. the keeper never had a chance.
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the wizards are in indiana tonight and the orioles are in detroit. the wizards going for four in: breaux and the orioles going for five in a row.
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unemployment rate helps obama in the 2012 election trip >> data shows president obama should be in solid shape at least 185,000 jobs are created and the unemployment rate drops below 8% before election day. the labor department reported march is the second month with job gains of around to edit thousand. to be about, a gop candidate would have to convince the voters there are worse off now than in 2008. are we worse off today than we were yesterday? >> wait until friday. then we will talk. outside tomorrow and around the area starting a school with 10 pitchers near 70 degrees. i should not even show you this. enjoy tomorrow. friday, cold rain. >> saturday, sunday monday -- >> abc world news is coming up [music
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